Performax360 User Guide

Performax360 User Guide

Assessment Administration #

There are three (3) types of users who need to be involved in the assessment process:

  1. Expert Panel Members (who help with assessment questionnaire design, assessor selection, and action planning)
  2. Assessors (who are stakeholders in the assessment process, and provide ongoing feedback on critical issues)
  3. Management Team Members (who help implement key action plan items and monitor the effectiveness of the selected assessment area)

These user groups work collaboratively, both in real-time and asynchronously, in order to support the overall organizational performance improvement process. But they are typically quite busy, and may need to be sent reminders, and supported with bite-sized learning tutorials to make sure that they know what to do, how to do them, and that they actually do them within the expected timeline. This is the job of the Assessment Administrator.

Within Performax360, the Assessment Administration Dashboard is specifically designed to help with Assessment Administration related tasks. Click on the guide below, to learn how to effectively administer an assessment using Performax360:

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