Performax360 User Guide

Performax360 User Guide

Board Effectiveness #

Board Performance Evaluation is a critical tool for Boards to ensure continuous improvement in its capabilities, processes, procedures, and modus operandi for value creation. But board performance evaluations are typically undertaken only once-a-year, providing only an annual snapshot of Board Performance. Once-a-year snapshots limit the Board’s ability to change and improve in tandem with today’s faster and more agile business environment.

In addition, a lack of 360-degree stakeholder intelligence, employee engagement, cognitive insights, and real-time performance oversight capabilities further constrain the Board’s strategic and operational insights. What’s needed is a systematic mechanism for ongoing LIVE feedback from key stakeholders on key strategic and operational issues, which allows Boards to sense-and-respond in near real-time.

Performax360 is an intelligent enterprise performance management platformthat helps improve the effectiveness of Boards, by ensuring continuous touchpoints and alignment with key internal and external stakeholders. By giving key stakeholders a voice on issues that are critical to the Board’s functions, Board Members enhance employee and stakeholder engagement; and spur customer-centric innovation. Uncover hidden risks within Corporate Governance processes and practices, through unfiltered strategic intelligence and actionable operational insights.

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