Performax360 User Guide

Performax360 User Guide

Customization Options #

Performax360 is a customizable software platform, designed to allow organizations to gain 360 degree insights on projects, processes, functions, or individual employees, based on multi-stakeholder feedback.

There are many features that can be customized by the user for his/her organization, as they run Performax360 for their projects and initiatives, including:

  1. Hosting Options (SaaS through Public Cloud, Private Cloud, or On-premise Implementation)
  2. Assessment Configuration (timeline, branding, assessor anonymity, gamification, real-time performance alerts, etc.)
  3. Assessment Questionnaire Design (through an expert panel for assessment design)
  4. Assessor Selection (through an expert panel for stakeholder selection)
  5. Analytics to be Included (through different pricing plans)
  6. Assessment Results Reporting (different time horizons and report modules may be included)
  7. Collaborative Action Planning (through an expert panel for action planning)
  8. Assessment Administration (through optionally selecting an Assessment Administrator)

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“Performax360 is recognised within the Top 100 Big-Data Solution Providers for 2017” – CIO Review
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