Performax360 User Guide

Performax360 User Guide

Employee 360 Feedback #

Individual Employee 360 Feedback provides a 360-degree picture of an employee’s effectiveness, strengths, weaknesses, and development plans, as seen from the perspective of his or her co-workers, superiors, and subordinates who serve as assessors in the feedback process.

These surveys can be used to solicit the opinions and constructiverecommendations from assessors. Assessor sentiment and emotions may be evaluated on a variety of critical issues relevant to the individual employee’s development.

The results of this type of feedback process provide a deeper and more accurate understanding of how senior, mid-level, and junior colleagues perceive the individual employee along different dimensions, such as functional competencies, communications skills, leadership and teamwork, integrity and ethics, innovation and creativity, resourcefulness, individual initiative, customer-centricism, goal-orientation, and other key attributes of individual effectiveness.

Feedback from Individual Employee 360 Feedback is essential to facilitating employee development. It provides employees with specific feedback – both positive and negative – for personal development. It also highlights the employee’s strengths, and provides a mechanism for assessors to show their appreciation, which serves to motivate the employee and improve job satisfaction.

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