Performax360 User Guide

Performax360 User Guide

ExpertConnect #

External consultants and subject matter experts can often bring in valuable ideas, points-of-view, and recommendations that support innovation, accelerate competitive advantage, and foster sustainable growth.

If you’d like to leverage some additional brain-power over and above that available within your team, ExpertConnect may be worth exploring. It is a network of senior consultants with expertise within certain domains (e.g., Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Operations, IT, HR Customer Service, etc.) and specializations within each domain. These external consultants are trained and certified in Performax360, and are under contract with Performax Inc. to serve its customers.

Using ExpertConnect, you can hire expert consultants in 50-hour project-blocks. Payments for the consulting assignments may be made to Performax Inc. through PayPal, Visa/Mastercard/PayPal, or through invoicing. However, the consulting work cannot start unless 100% of the consulting fees have been received.

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“Performax360 is recognised within the Top 100 Big-Data Solution Providers for 2017” – CIO Review
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