Performax360 User Guide

Performax360 User Guide

Voice of Partner (VOP) #

Voice of Partner Surveys provide Partner feedback on issues such as product quality, Partner touchpoints, product and service value proposition, product features and functionality, Partner expectations, Partner experience management, quality of Partner relationship management, and Partner pain-points. The results of this type of feedback process provide a deeper and more accurate understanding of how various Partners perceive the organization along different dimensions.

Feedback from Voice of Partner Surveys is essential to facilitating continuous improvement in products, services, processes, and value propositions. It allows the organization to focus on critical needs and requirements leveraging its strengths. It informs the organization of actions that have a high priority to external Partners. It provides management with Partner feedback – both positive and negative – on the overall Partner experience. It also measures the impact of current programs, policies and procedures, and can be used to improve Partner satisfaction.

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